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Looking for a decent flatbed scanner compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) under $100. Will be scanning mostly photos but some documents and drawings as well. Available at Amazon preferably.

Scanner should include any software and drivers necessary to work, or be freely available through manufacturer, to be able to produce jpeg images at the very least (tiff/gif/pdf/png would be nice as well).

Most photos will be 3x5 format, and scanned images will be shared with friends and family, so image quality and resolution should be good, but need not be professional.

At minimum scanner should use USB, although extras like wireless support might be handy, so long as it doesn't compromise image quality.

Do not want a scanner that needs VueScan or other third-party software (Photoshop, Photoshop plugins, Windows, etc) to function.
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I have this scanner for scanning photos and receipts — and it meets all your criteria, including availability from Amazon. I haven't had to use their technical support because their stuff just works, and Epson has provided consistently excellent Mac driver support for at least a decade now, so I know my scanner will probably work with whatever Mac I have in another ten years (unless USB disappears).
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Also, it comes with Epson Scan software, in addition to drivers. So you don't need VueScan or Photoshop, etc. to grab photos with the scanner (although Epson Scan can be called from Photoshop, if ever needed, via the usual TWAIN driver mechanism).
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I came to recommend the V30, which is even cheaper than the V300 that Blazecock recommends. But, yeah. Those two seem to be two of the best-reviewed scanners below $100.
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Another owner of the V30 version of that Epson scanner.

The major differences between the two v30 and v300 (v330) are.........
- Price - about $20 to $30 depending on where you get it.
- The V300 comes with 35mm Transp Adapter and a 6-negative / 4-slide capacity

Other than that, they are the same. I think my total Amazon cost was about $60 or $65.

For scanning, I use the Epson software to grab the raw images and edit in GIMP which is free and can do all the basics and more.
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Canon's LiDE line works fine with Lion. Well mine does and it's old so I assume the new ones do too. It uses Canon's ugly but function CanoScan software. Apple's own Image Capture application also works with it though that is lacking aggressive scanner controls.

Mine is also entirely USB powered. I'm pretty sure I have the 60 which is probably out of production by now.
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I have an 8-year-old Brother MFC whose scanning functions are still supported by Brother in Lion. Here is the list of current Brother products with Lion support, and based on my experience it sure seems like Brother is committed to keeping things going. During the lifetime of this printer I've also gone through Epson and Canon inkjets, which are now in the recycling bin. Brother rocks.
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We've got this one: Canon LiDE110

Used it on Mac OS 10.7 and 10.6 with no issues. It's $54 on Amazon, and powered by just the USB. Quality is good, with a limited feature set (no wireless, we have no adapters for slides or negatives). It's been reliable, which is key in my book.
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I've also been happy with the LiDE110, but I found Canon's software to be slow and clunky. I now use it with VueScan and it works fine.
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Leaning towards one of the Epson models. Not too keen on Canon, as I had a multifunction printer/fax/scanner of theirs that didn't support all functions under OS X.
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Update: picked up an Epson V30. Downloaded the Lion compatible software from Epson's site, and it's working just fine.
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