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Is it possible to search for the highest rated, five star products, across all departments?

I know about, but I'm not sure how independent or reliable their list is.
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Best answer: I don't think this is possible if you're ruling out external websites. "Top Rated" seems to be the closest thing that's internal to, but it isn't what you're looking for: you have to filter by a department, and then by categories within the department. For instance, you can find the highest-rated "pop music" albums, but I don't see a way to find the highest-rated albums of any genre. (And even those filtered results are questionable; for instance, the #1 pop album has a few 1- and 2-star reviews. Surely there are "pop" albums with nothing but 5-star reviews, which would have the highest possible average. I assume Amazon uses some kind of algorithm that considers not just the average rating, but also the number of reviews, etc.)

Clicking the search button on Amazon for "all categories" without entering a search yields no results. Searching for something ubiquitous like the word "the" doesn't work either.
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