Urban Rugged Clothes like Triple 5 Soul and G-Star Raw. For chicas, not guys.
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Women's urban clothing. I'd like to find more brands of clothing like G-Star Raw and Triple 5 Soul. I particularly like this jacket and this shirt and this blazer. What are other retailers or brands that sell kinda tough, kinda sexy, kinda rugged apparel, specifically for women?

I know of Karmaloop, Diesel and a few other online places, but so much of it is cutesy or too tiny. This is for a women's size large, about a 12-14 if possible. Men's clothing just doesn't really fit me (or someone else for whom this kind of clothing would be perfect). Guy's shirts are often too broad and the arms are too long, my hips are too wide. Think "urban rugged" rather than "full-out military" and definitely not too cutesy like this.

So: any suggestions? Skater/snowboard attire that isn't too tricked out? Punk clothing that's toned down a bit?
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I would look into all the surfer brands, you can sometimes find very similar stuff to g-star and triple 5 soul, like billabong, roxy quicksilver, Volcom (don't know if they have that in the UK), some of it is cutesy, but there is definitely plenty that isn't.
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Response by poster: I'm in the States, but will ship for the right items :-)
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Best answer: I've occasionally found some similar things at A|X (usually in jackets), but they can be hit-or-miss for the more edgy stuff.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread as well ... thanks for posting the question!
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Best answer: We SC is a great brand that sounds like your kind of style.
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Best answer: As a woman larger than yourself, I love LRG for hoodies and the like, and they recently came out with a woman's line that you might be into.


(I know, stupid name but some cute stuff.)
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Best answer: H&M?
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Best answer: Bench, Diesel, and Gsus all share some similarities with G-Star and 555 Soul. Oh, just noticed you got Diesel already. Howies are also pretty awesome.
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Best answer: It may not be exactly what you're looking for, but when I saw your question I thought immediately of All Saints. It's very urban, a bit punky, has some military inspired stuff but not skater gear. But I'm not sure if some of it might be too cutesy. They are in the UK, but if you happen to see something you love and they don't ship, I'd be willing to ship it to you as there's an All Saints shop right by my house.
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Response by poster: Hmm...some good ideas here for future reference. There are a few great pieces at each of these brands, so I'll keep my eye on them and keep hoping around all my other sites to see what pops up. Maybe I spot a business opportunity for all 11 of us who favorited this thread? :-) I have lots of ideas of what I *want* and I so rarely actually see it -- I was hoping that someone knew of some secret brand out there that would really wow me. So much of it is still too cutesy, femme-y, clubby. I want the design of guys' clothes, but cut to fit me, and maybe in fabrics that aren't quite as thick.
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Response by poster: hoping = hopping
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not sure about sizes (sorry), but maybe check out:
brooklyn industries,
preloved, or
parasuco (some NSFW flash animation on site).
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