Help find the source of this image
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Looking for the original source of this image

Ideally I'd like to contact the photographer to get permission to use it, but any information about where the image is from would be great. Thank you!
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‘Human Cello’
Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik, 1965 Performance.
Photo by Peter Moore.

After googling a bit, I suspect this is the photographer.
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Peter Moore
Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik Performing 26'1.499" for a String Player
Gelatin-silver print
14 in. x 11 in.
Photo credit: © Estate of Peter Moore/VAGA, NYC
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Thank you! That's a great help.
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For future reference, you can usually just do a bit of Googling to find this out, but not everyone is familiar with the steps necessary:

On the page with the image, right-click the image and find something that says along the lines of "Copy image location" (that's what it says in Firefox, YMMV). Then go to Google Image Search and click on the tiny camera icon inside the search bar. It brings up the search by image dialog. Paste the URL you just copied, hit search.

In this case, the results were pretty immediate (scroll down a bit, you find the Artnet link). Others you have to dig around in the results a bit more.
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Thank you. I will know for next time!
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Peter Moore became well-known as a photographer of various Fluxus artists and happenings. He died in 1993, so you'd need to get permission from his estate to publish. I know that his (and his wife"s) collection of Fluxus art and artifacts went to Harvard. They may or may not have been given the rights to his photographs, but either way, someone there may be able to steer you in the right direction.
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D'uh. On preview I see that belladonna's answer includes the copyright holder. Note that VAGA is diligent in protecting copyright and I believe charge a steep fee for getting the rights to reproduce images by artists/artists' estates that they represent.
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