Help me find the photographer of this nature image
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This photograph is gorgeous! I would like to know the photographer, and where I can buy a high quality print. I checked TinEye, but didn't see anything that wasn't just imagedumps on sketchy-looking sites...
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Are you sure it's a photograph? It looks like an illustration to me...
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Longshot, but could be on Etsy. Do a keyword search for ocean, pier, etc. under photographs.
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Best answer: Might or might not be the photographer you are after, but here's the scoop on the location. Captioned "Frozen Sea and Pier - Odessa - Ukraine - Winter of 2006" Dmitriy Margolin has taken a few photographs of this pier.
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Best answer: The EXIF data say it was taken on a Canon PowerShot S1 IS which is a fine pocket superzoom camera, but not something a pro would use for anything. If I had to guess, I would say just a lucky shot by an amateur.

I reviewed all the hits on Google Image Search too and didn't see anything that looked like an artist's website.
posted by wnissen at 11:20 PM on December 3, 2011 [1 favorite] usually loves the challenge of tracking photos down to support the photographer! Try a post there? The /natureporn sub-reddit forum loves beautiful shots similar to this one and may be a good place to start.
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