flip camera replacement?
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We want to replace our Flip video camera ... with what?

We loved the Flip because it was cheap, the interface was simple, the quality was really good. But it died. What should we buy?
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The answers in the thread mentioned above seem to require Mac integration. I don't use a Mac and never will if I can help it - but as with most tech nowadays it seems to be a non-issue anyway, it all appears to be platform agnostic.

Anyway, I retired my Flip in favor of a GoPro. It's really not the same thing but I enjoy strapping it to my motorcycle helmet and grabbing stable, hi-res footage with it. There are a wide variety of mounts available and I suppose you could even just go handheld like the Flip. It's a bit more boxy, but then the flip was never ergonomically amazing either. People have put GoPros to a lot of interesting uses, check YouTube for lots of examples where they have strapped them to dogs or other crazy stuff which is not really an option with the Flip.

My brother-in-law also switched from his Flip when it died and ended up with a "Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 12.1 MP Rugged/Waterproof" which he loves. I know he researched it a lot and wanted similar functionality to the Flip but with more water use - so that might work for you too.
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My beloved got me a Sony Bloggie, it met my requirements of relatively inexpensive, easy for someone to use with minimal teaching, and HD.
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I returned my Flip when I got my iPhone 4. Could an ipod touch be an option?
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The other thread settled on the Kodak Playsport ZX3, including my and other recommendations. There's no particular Mac integration needed for it, it saves in .MP4 format and should work with PC or Mac. It uses SD/SDHC cards for storage and has a replaceable rechargeable battery. Ebay has "Manufacturer Refurbished" units for $69.99. Tip: those are new, just in a generic box and shorter 3 month warranty.

Right this second ebay has a "Daily Deal" for the "Manufacturer Refurbished" Sony Bloggie for $49.99. I have no experience with this model. But I haven't read any complaints about it. It has 4GB internal storage and a non-replaceable battery afaik. I expect it has a shorter warranty than new.

Either of these is up to date and an improvement over any Flip model.
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The iPod Touch does not have the same camera as the iPhone.
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