Name that comedian...
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Looking for the name of a stand-up comedian...

He's a black man (fairly large stature... I think) and he does a routine that includes a mother telling her son to put on a boxer's helmet because she doesn't want to kill him when she beats him with a metal pipe. He almost does a great continental African accent and has a bit about how white people love filming themselves doing stupid shit (like playing with lions) while Africans will haul tail out of such situations.
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Sounds like Patrice O'Neal's style.
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Best answer: I think it's Aries Spears - Pandora Comedy radio actually creepily read my mind and brought it up as the second track: His bit on Africa.
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Godfrey has a good recurring bit about how his Nigerian dad talks like Mufasa. He's tall, but not fat.
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Is it Stephen K. Amos?
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Godfrey Cambridge?
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