When did the American "Business Reply Mail" concept begin?
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What is the general history of the US postal "business reply mail" ? When did it begin?

I understand the concept as most articles I've found explain, but none of them offer details about when it was first employed. I have been collecting them for a while with intent of using the characteristic "no postage necessary" box and dark black bars there-under for a collage-style art project, and just lately I was reading a 1938 issue of Coronet (a Reader's Digest style magazine) and inside was one such Business Reply Mail card still attached to the spine on the inside front cover. Is there any indication who might have the oldest Business Reply Mail card?
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Best answer: It was first implemented in 1928. Start reading at page 66 in the surprisingly interesting HISTORY OF MAIL CLASSIFICATION
by Richard B. Kielbowicz a prof at UW.
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If you have access to JSTOR, Development of Postal Rates 1845-1955 by Jane Kennedy also has some coverage of the hearings. The actual bill was HR 9296 in the 70th Congress, but I don't think Thomas goes back quite that far.
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