I'm an adult. I should know how mail works.
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If I send a postcard from China to the United States, I pay 4.5 RMB. Who gets the money?

Obviously China Post gets some of it. But doesn't USPS also get a cut? They're the ones who have to take it from the border to the actual address, after all (right?). So how does price sharing work? Does China Post pay some annual bulk rate to USPS to cover those costs? What if postal rates go up in the US?

Or, if the USPS gets none of it, why do they deliver the postcard? Is there some international agreement which boils down to We All Just Deliver Each Other's Mail?

I acknowledge that it's entirely possible that this is obvious to everyone except me.
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Best answer: Straight Dope
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Best answer: Not at all obvious. Basic answer from The Straight Dope about this general question. Googleable term is "Universal Postal Union"
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Response by poster: Boom. Ask metafilter.
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interesting post from the straight dope. I thought we were still under the old system where everything was a flat rate. I guess the new system will work with computer tracking and all. just by coincidence I'm thinking of sending postcards from China too. Now I know how much it costs... gotta love this site.
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I was just wondering about this, too. I just sent out a large volume of international mail and was noticing the different "zones" and how it costs more to send something to England than to India.
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(from the United States)
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Note: The Straight Dope article was written in 1990. Are things even more complex now?
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