Clear Glasses That Aren't Huge?
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In search of clear-framed glasses that aren't massive but are awesome.

My current glasses, which I quite like (photo) are getting a bit worn & are discontinued, so kind of a dead end there.

I'd like to switch to something very different - likely clear frames in a similar style. The various options that I've seen so far fall into two camps: online merchants like Warby Parker have a few clear frames but they tend to be comically thick, and in-person eyeglass shops (in Washington, DC) have clear frames, but the sides of the glasses are usually some odd other color and heavily detailed for no good reason. And I'm looking for so-called 'crystal' frames, rather than clear-but-matte-finish frames.

I'd be cool with thin, silver arms on the glasses, or simple clear arms.

Does such a thing exist? I'd be open to things online, in person, anywhere - haven't had nearly any luck finding good-looking clear-framed glasses.

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Hard to find a shareable link, but has a pair you might be interested in. If not,

The model number is #807116 and I found it by just going to the page and setting the color to "clear" and the shape to "rectangular" and then just browsing.
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Oliver Peoples has a number of clear frames. Here's one example (more rounded than your current frames), but the do clear in a number of their styles.

The catch? Oliver Peoples has the worst website in the world, and it's completely useless in finding what frames are available in what colors/sizes.

I'd find a shop that sells OP, and check out their styles. Ask for the catalogue.
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Cool idea by the way, I may have to get a pair myself. After discovering zennioptical, collecting funky glasses has become something of a minor addiction for me.
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Here's another OP frame in clear from the site I linked to that's more like what you're looking for.
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Zenni Optical lets you filter own to clear frames only. Frames #253623 or #337223 might fit the bill.
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Oh, and goggles4u has quite a few clear plastic lenses, though their site is a bit harder to search.
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A pair from goggles4u.
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I've had good luck with goggles4u for general glasses purchases recently, but I feel I should mention that if you see a pair you like, buy it quick - they go in and out of stock very quickly.
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Best answer: My clear plastic frames are from Face a Face. Here's a pair -- I think mine are a little more rectangular than these.

An amusing note of caution -- I love my frames and get compliments frequently. However, the challenge with clear frames is they are sometimes hard to see without my glasses on. I take them off all the time and my vision is just bad enough that they tend to "blend in." I'm always joking about Wonder Woman's Eyeglasses and what a brilliant idea that was.
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Best answer: Possibly too big for your tastes, but I really like Shuron Freeways (scroll down to the bottom for the crystal ones).
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What are your thoughts on frameless with clear stems? Italee has several lines of frameless glasses with clear stems and nosepieces as an option. I had some Swissflex by them with clear frame components that were great. I loved the minimalist appearance.
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Best answer: 39dollarglasses has these. The "Laureate" collection is high quality in my experience.
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Another vote for Shuron Freeway here. Their crystal frames are about the only glasses I've worn for a couple years now. Shuron gets my vote for quality too – I've also got a pair of Sidewinders that fell out onto a busy street and run over multiple times before I found them. After bending the frames back into shape and popping in new lenses they were almost good as new.
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I have this pair from Warby Parker and enjoy them. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the matte finish, but I ended up really liking it.
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I also have some Swissflex glasses by Italee, and they are awesome. They are so light on my face, and they are pretty indestructible.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the tips! The Shurons & googles4u options look great - kind of crazy to have such a massive chasm between the $40 & $300 specs, but just finding some viable options is great!
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