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Where can I setup an online news alert that (1) emails the alert to an address of my choice, and (2) allows me to set or customize the email subject line?
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There's probably better ways of doing this but here's what I would do (if I had to) ...

1. Use Google Alerts to define search terms and email results to (mailinator is a disposable email account which generates a RSS feed of the mailbox contents - if you had access to another email service which produced a rss feed of mailbox that would be better for obvious reasons)

2. Use to monitor the RSS feed and generate an email with your choice of subject line

That's what I would do if by 'online news alert' you mean 'tell me when a news items appears about Apples'. If however you simply want to monitor for updates some page which already has a RSS feed (most blogs fall into this category as does, for instance, then you can skip the Google Alerts/Mailinator step and just

It might be that I'm not as smart as I should be but I found using to start with rather challenging but it does work (and in fact it a very good service).
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