Snorkelling in Thailand tips
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Travelling to Thailand in July. Hoping to do some snorkeling, probably at Ko Mak. Need some tips.

I'll be holidaying in Thailand in mid-July, and am keen to do some snorkelling. I last snorkeled in my teens, so I probably don't need to be too adventurous -- I'm likely to be easily impressed and (needless to say) out of practice.

I'm looking for tips in two areas: 1) Where should I get my equipment? and 2) Where to go snorkeling and how to arrange it.

At this stage we're pretty sure we're going to Ko Mak, although we might also go to Ko Wai, and Ko Chang is still a small possibility. I'll only have about 3 or 4 days. What are good spots in those places for my skill level and amount of time? Can anyone recommend good operators?

Equipment-wise, I expect I'll need goggles, snorkel and flippers. Should I buy it beforehand (I'm in London, UK), or should I buy/rent it on the island? If I buy it, new or second-hand? I'll probably be reselling it after. I'm leaning towards buying beforehand, so that this does not waste any of my limited time on the island.
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I should add, this trip isn't about snorkeling by any stretch, so our destination isn't chosen solely on that criterium. My companions probably won't be snorkeling. We'll be in Thailand for 10 days, about half of that on a beach.
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I definitely wouldn't bother to bring any equipment. Not sure about Ko Mak or the other two islands, but I did some snorkeling around Ko Lanta and Ko Hai, and in both cases the equipment was supplied as part of a tour we booked or was readily available on the island for cheap rental.

Another key point for not bringing gear: If you're travelling between islands by long-tail, which I'm 99% sure you will be, you'll want to travel as lightly as possible, i.e. just a backpack with the essentials. Trust me, it's no fun to swim to shore in rough waters fully clothed with a backpack stuffed full of gear, so keep it light.
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ladybird: Thanks, that's very useful to know! May I ask if you booked your tour in advance of your holiday, or only on arrival?
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