Brown polish on black shoes OK?
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OK to use brown cream shoe polish on black shoes?

It's an emergency, I need polished shoes and don't have time to buy black polish. I have this brown polish. It's slightly lighter in real life than in the photo. Will it be OK to use once? My black shoes are low quality and I don't care about maintaining them long-term. I just want them to be shiny now.
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I dunno. But you can polish your shoes with a banana peel, if you have a banana hanging around.
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I was just about to say what Admiral Haddock said. I used banana peels on my black bullhide boots for years and got compliments on 'em.
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No, because it will look like you polished your shoes with the wrong color polish.

Next time you get the chance, get some black polish *and* some neutral polish, and a brush each.
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You can also use Chapstick or any other lip balm that has carnauba wax in its ingredients if you need a quick shoe polish solution.
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Please do the banana peel and report back, with photos! Seems like a neat trick! Remember to rub down your shoes beforehand to remove any dust, stray dirt.
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Brown polish appears as red highlights. Don't do this.
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Banana peel.

The opposite approach -- black polish on brown shoes -- can sometimes work well for decent brown shoes where you want that kind of patina.
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