What films feature scenes with shots of war and situation rooms with characters examining maps?
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What films feature scenes with shots of war and situation rooms with characters examining maps?

I'm working on an article on situation/war rooms and am looking for scenes in films with characters gathered around maps (on tables or displays). Some prominent examples include "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb", "Cleopatra", etc. What else is out there? We're trying to get clearances for publication so any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

Given this is being prepared for a design publication, film suggestions with better production design = more useful. Thanks in advance film and/or military nerds!
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Well, Downfall (source of all those "Hitler reacts to X" videos) comes immediately to mind.
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The ending to WarGames.
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Also: relevant TV Tropes article.
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You will find lots of useful ideas on TV Tropes' "The Big Board."
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Oh, and this scene from X-Men: First Class.
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Pretty sure Patton has some scenes with map discussions.
The Longest Day definitely does.
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Hey, we are off to a good start! I forgot to mention that "WarGames" was on our radar – but it is definitely a key precedent and films made in 1983 tend to get the production design right. Thanks to the folks who have answered already.
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Star Wars (fine, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope) has this during the Death Star attack scene. People gathered around a display showing the Death Star's orbit around the planet/moon.
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Inglourious Basterds and Seven Samurai. (You'll have to scroll a bit on the latter.)
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Duck Soup!
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Not a film, but the rebooted Battlestar Galactica has dozens of 'move model ships around a 2D flat map' scenes (even though they're fighting in a 3D space and it's almost entirely for the viewers benefit.
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Pushing Tin.
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There is a memorable map scene in Top Secret.
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Any movie set during the London Blitz seems to invariably include the ubiquitous scene of uniformed women with headphones (and long wires extending up to the ceiling) using long sticks to move little wood icons around a giant tabletop map.
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Mars Attacks! includes a Strangelove-esque war room.
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This is great, we are getting loads of options and I really appreciate it. I realize this military-types gathering around a map within high-tech surroundings is definitely a trope (cliché even), so while I say keep any and all suggestions coming – films with higher production value might be the most useful here.

Thanks everybody!
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Not a map, and to even look at it is to experience a major spoiler, but the (excellent, excellent) Cabin in the Woods features a hilarious chart that has inspired a fair share of frame-grabbery and study.
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The Downfall - the famous sequence which was used for the Blu-Ray parody.

The Hunt for Red October - scene where the Captain and Ryan are examining the electronic map of the Atlantic. "They're not trying to find Ramius, they're trying to drive him - the hounds to the hunters."

Thirteen Days (particularly around 2:30)

Standing in the war room watching live satellite thermal images of the covert op in Patriot Games.
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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. (1:22)

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Battle of Britain.
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Apologies to gemmy who mentioned Downfall already. So here are some suggestions to compensate:

Although it's a non-military, non-war context, how about the requisite scene in heist movies where the crew gathers over the building blueprints to review the plan? The Bank Job, for example. See also Ocean's Eleven, The Italian Job, etc.

Political election movies often have scenes with the campaign staff gathered in a "war room" around a map - an electoral map. I can only think of specific examples from The West Wing, though. I'm not sure if it's appropriate for your needs or not, but the war room approach has been adopted for several non-military activities: emergency disaster headquarters, police detectives working on a big case, onsite command posts for hostage negotiation, NASA control center, and others.
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Captain America.
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Tora Tora Tora
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And that famous scene in Lawrence of Arabia where Lawrence puts out the match was centered around a map.
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Independence Day.

Also, there are a great couple of scenes like this in Megaforce. If you have never seen this incredible film, go get it. Just bananas how hilariously bad and awesome it is at the same time. The one scene somewhere near the end, they diagram their escape plan like a football play. Best movie ever. A ridiculously sexy Barry Bostwick, lasers, and the motorcycle scene at the end is absolute legend.

Here is another scene where they have a C64 keyboard hooked up to a giant monochrome display that also features the globe from the USA Today logo. Production value level Zombocom.
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Fail Safe (both the 1964 version and the 2000 remake).
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Also, On the Beach (1959) has a few scenes, I think.
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It's technically pre-war, but Watchmen had a darkly funny war room scene with a faux Nixon considering the (literal) fallout of a Russian nuclear attack on the "Harvard establishment" in the northeast.
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Sink the Bismarck
Dr Strangelove
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Contagion had a map in the room when discussing the spread of the pandemic.
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The Andromeda Strain has a scene like this at the very end, where one of the doctors watches a tv showing a map of the west coast - 2 hours 8 minutes in. There is another one at around 1 hour 50 minutes in. And I think another earlier in the film.
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A Beautiful Mind
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