Where is the coolest, non-spendy place to hang your hat for three nights in Detroit?
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Hostel Detroit is sold out the weekend we are planning to go; help me find another cheap but awesome place to stay.

Three people taking a road trip to check out urban farming, crepes, blues and the other general goings-on in Detroit, but the hostel has sold out and we were hoping for something in central location and affordable. Any stellar recommendations?
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Well, there's always the Packard Motel (as seen in Transformers 3). It's not exactly "cool," but it is pretty cheap; $35 a night the last time I was there.

I am fond of the place for what are probably silly reasons, but I do have to admit it's kind of a sketchy motel in kind of a sketchy neighborhood. If that's the kind of thing that bothers you, it's probably not a good option. That said, I've stayed there twice and never had any problems.

If the weather is going to be hot when you are in town, ask whether you can get a room with a working air conditioner. I would be inclined to avoid sleeping there with the window open, although I'm not sure whether that's paranoia or common sense.

I posted a review and some photos of the place on Yelp a while back, which you might want to look at if you're considering it.
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Hotwire shows a 3.5 boutique hotel for $86/night, Fri-Sun, one room for three people. I recently used Hotwire for a Detroit trip and thoroughly enjoyed the 3.5 star it gave me (standard Doubletree but unusual set-up: more like an apartment with a separate living room than your standard bachelor-style hotel room, and with carpets out of the Shining).
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Have you tried looking at AirBnB? I find that people that list their apartments or rooms are pretty interesting and can offer invaluable localized advice. I've used the site for several trips, and even listed my own space once. An alternative to a hotel...
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