Ya, you betcha dere: Help me find an unusual "Fargo" poster
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I'm looking for a poster from the movie "Fargo," but not the one that's commonly available. It's easy to find the one that looks like a cross-stitched sampler and says "A homespun murder story." But instead I want the one that says "A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere." (Actually, as long as it says that, I don't care what the image looks like.) I believe it may have been to promote not the movie, but the DVD, or a DVD special edition. I've searched various movie-poster stores, eBay, etc, but they all have the sampler one. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Look Here

I believe you'll find several examples.
posted by freudianslipper at 9:55 AM on July 18, 2005

ahh...sorry, you are looking to buy this poster huh. i thought you were just looking for the image, lemme see what I can find.
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I do not know how well it would come out but you could use this dvd cover image and make a custom poster using a website such as Zazzle.com.

They allow you to make just one or more.
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I've found the poster for sale with that tagline in Spanish and French (ebay), but not english.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help so far. Still looking. One of those Google images looked promising, but the site seems to be gone except for the image.

The frustrating thing is I swear I bought the poster I wanted four years ago, but we moved, and in the rush of moving, it never got sent to our correct address. And I bought it online, but can't track the seller.
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FreezBoy writes "with that tagline in Spanish"

That's Portuguese!
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mr_roboto - like there's a difference.

Gael - I know I've seen that poster before as my roommate had it on his wall back in the day. I'm surprised that we can't find a version of it, at least on ebay.
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Best answer: how bout this one?

Fargo style c

It's hard to read, but the tagline is there.
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Response by poster: Lyam, I think that's it! Thanks!
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