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Where could I get a "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" windshield sticker? You know, like the collegiate one's you see on the back of alumni's cars?

My Google-fu is failing me at the moment. If there's none premade, is there a site where I could create a custom banner? Preferably with a collegiate-like font. I've seen Jedi Academy stickers on some fansite before, but can't seem to track those down either. I'd like to get my wife one...
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Stickergiant has one that just says "Hogwarts" in collegiate font.
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If you can't find one pre-made, I've used quickstickers.com for custom window decals (they do car stuff, too). If they don't have a font that will work you can upload your own logo.
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I don't have one for Hogwarts, but last year I made a couple badges for Gryffindor and Dumbledore's Army (here). Basically I went to Google images and found the crest - there are tons on there - pasted it into Illustrator, and then on a new layer I traced and filled over the image. It would be pretty easy to do one for Hogwarts, as long as you're patient. Then you could upload it to one of the print-on-demand services. (CafePress does stickers too, don't they?)
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