Taos on the Cheap
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We're in Taos, NM with more free time than money. What are some fun things to do here that are free or cheap? (Any cheap eats suggestions also appreciated.)
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I should note that we've already done some of the more touristy things like browsing the Plaza shops, but would welcome any particularly cool Plaza attractions we might have missed.
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There are hot springs that you can hike to just outside of town. Sometimes complete with weird naked people, but 100% free. Also, go to the pueblo- it's amazing.
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Oh northern New Mexico is beautiful this time of year. You're very lucky. I'm assuming you have a car; if you don't, it's a lot harder.
  • Visit Taos Pueblo
  • Drive down to Chimayo, have lunch at Rancho de Chimayo, visit the famous pilgrimage church. The back road (518/76) is particularly pretty.
  • Visit a cliff dwelling and go for a hike. The one I know best is Bandelier and its awesome smaller site Tsankawi, but there may be something closer to Taos.
  • Drive up to Los Alamos and marvel at the scenery, then the weirdness of Los Alamos. Both museums in town are worth visiting: the government "nuclear bombs are good for us!" museum is very well made and interesting, and the town historical museum is often overlooked but fascinating. If you're feeling ambitious, Valle Grande is quite beautiful and unusual west from Los Alamos.
  • Visit Georgia O'Keefe stuff in Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch. (Do some research, not sure what's there.)
  • Hang out in Santa Fe; it's like Taos, but bigger.
You'll notice most of these suggestions are an hour+ drive out of Taos. That's because, honestly, I don't know Taos itself very well. When I lived in Santa Fe my favorite thing was to go out driving to some place interesting. There's a list for you!
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Ghost Ranch was our favorite thing in that general area. There is a small admission fee ($5?) but the hike up to Chimney Rock is fantastic. It's an especially scenic drive there, too.
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you could try pocast busking and see how that goes.
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The rio grande gorge is about 10 miles outside of town, and its pretty cool. Guadalajara Grill is a good authentic cheap restaurant. There are two in town, I prefer the one on the north side.
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2nding the hot springs. I go to the ones by the Dunn Bridge on the River. Ask a local and get good directions. Then get naked and have a beer (bring beer). Go at night and bring a flashlight or headlamp. Bring extra beer to share.

There is a little brewery in town that I like too. It might be called Edie's or something. It is a few blocks from the plaza. There is a tiny coffee shop just off the plaza that is good. 2nding Chimayo. Also, hiking. There is great hiking around there.
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Get an ice cream at Taos Cow.
See D H Lawrence's erotic paintings at Hotel La Fonda (open only at specific times).
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Eat at Abe's, just next to Taos Cow in Arroyo Seco (it looks like a tiny grocery when you go in but the chicken tacos are to die for.) About five mile north of Taos

Drive up the Taos ski valley road, neat scenery. Another mile and a half from Abe's. FREE

Drive out to the Rio Grande gorge and walk across the bridge. About seven mile north west of Taos. FREE

Go to the Adobe Bar (yes children are allowed. Live music every night no cover. FREE but try the green chili cheese burger or the nachos.

Eat at Toribios on the north side of town.

Walk down Ledoux street. FREE
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Have breakfast or lunch here. You might see one of my best friends--he has trouble staying away. He told me he was going to start walking there instead of driving.
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Check out the model Earthship house (just past the Rio Grande Bridge outside of town). I think it's free (they have a donation jar), and it's very interesting.
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pocast? sorry. you got the gag anyways. happy holidays, you two krazy kids.
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