When laziness meets paranoia- the serrano ham version.
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Is is okay to leave serrano ham slices wrapped in their wax paper but on the counter?

I know, this is ridiculous but I don't want to give strangers food poisoning. I bought some serrano ham last night for a party and of course it was so good that I ate a few slices ...just to try it out.

Then I was super tired and forgot that I left it out. I know it is cured meat and left hanging on the ceilings in spanish locales for ages, but is there any problem when it is already sliced and left on the counter in a relatively hot NYC apartment?

Please assuage my paranoia. I really like these people and want a zero percent chance of making them ill!
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Nope. Because it's been sliced, the surface area for bacteria growth has increased exponentially.

And the slicer took all the bacteria from the outside and transferred it onto your slices.

Ditto for all the things the machine had come into contact with before your ham.
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When you purchased said ham was it in the refrigerated deli case? If so, I would tend to agree with bilabial. If, however, you purchased it out of refrigeration, then I would say go for it.
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Dry-cured hams may be aged more than a year. Six months is the traditional process but may be shortened according to aging temperature.

These uncooked hams are safe stored at room temperature and because they contain so little water, bacteria can't multiply in them.

Source: USDA, Ham and Food Safety
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Some sources suggest refrigerating sliced serrano, the ones I'm finding are commercial, which suggests to me that it's more about butt-covering (so to speak) than real risk.
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Here's the abstract for that study. It sounds like when Staph aureus was put in the meat, it took five days of slow growth at room temperature for it to produce toxins.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I already decided that I am just going to buy more ham for later (bought at speciality store yesterday, too far to return in time for tonight due to other time commitments) from somewhere else, probably the easier to find prosciutto, and just eat this ham myself, later. Yum. Or..ugh, will find out soon enough. Thanks for your answers.
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I would serve and eat this with no qualms. I have worked in gourmet food service and have eaten and served a lot of never refrigerated dry-cured meats. On preview, Looks like you've decided not to serve it to your guests, but I hope you choose to enjoy it yourself. There's nothing wrong with it.
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Best answer: Well - I just served a bunch of Iberico Bellota to friends and family that by the time it was finally eaten had been sliced off the ham for at least 12 hours and not refrigerated.

Also if you bought it at a place like Despana - all of the charcuterie there is similarly dry cured so I would also disregard the caveat about the slicer as a vector.
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Best answer: If it were just me eating it, I'd eat it. But serving it to other people would make me nervous, so I'd eat the serrano I bought and go out and get new serrano for guests.
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A whole dry cured ham is safely stored out of refrigeration, but once it is sliced, I would be wary. At the very least, it probably won't taste good from oxidation.
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*Waves* from Spain. Eat it.
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Response by poster: Thanks!! Maybe I subconsciously left it out so I would have to eat it all myself!! Haha.
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In my family, we routinely leave out meat for days at a time, and I don't remember anyone ever getting food poisoning. Admittedly, this is probably a bad idea, but it always amuses me when people get so scared about leaving food out for just a few hours.
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(Maybe this is an Eastern European thing...)
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It's totally fine. It's normal to leave the whole ham out on a jamonero and slice from all sides (the holder rotates.)

Your sliced ham didn't even risk getting a wee bit dried out, since it was still wrapped in wax paper. There is seriously nothing wrong with how you stored this meat.
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