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Movie recommendations - I really liked the movies Kung Fu Hustle and Delhi Belly. What other movies are similar to those two?

I really enjoyed the movie Kung Fu Hustle and the movie Delhi Belly and an older one, The Gods Must Be Crazy. I like the comedy, and the silliness, and quirkiness, mixed with intelligent movie making. I don't really care for more slapstick movies like Singh for King.

What other movies would I enjoy that are in a similar vein to the three above? ( I have seen other Steven Chow movies and enjoyed them but I liked Kung Fu Hustle the best.)
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Gods Must be Crazy 3 (aka Crazy Safari) - features bushmen and Chinese vampires. I don't know if you would call it well made, but it is silly and quirky.
Drunken Master - one of Jackie Chan's early movies.
Delicatessen - early film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
The Great Dictator - Charlie Chaplin. Some slapstick but it is a truly great film.
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The Good, the Bad, and the Weird
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Four LIons
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Hudsucker Proxy - Definitely intelligent & quirky, has a very compelling main character. Lacks much if any action but is still quite a fast-moving film.

Hot Fuzz - Simon Pegg's magnum opus as far as I'm concerned. Action, comedy, weird characters, clever twists, a good heart and it never takes itself too seriously.

Bubba Ho-Tep - Elvis isn't dead, he just lives in an old folks' home, and he has to fight an evil mummy. Don't question it, just let it wash over you.

If you're open to cartoons, try Samurai Jack, which is pretty much the most beautiful, perfectly stylized cartoon I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying.
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Kung Pow but there's a serious risk of your mileage varying here... after all, this is the same guy that is responsible for Thumb Wars

(But Bubba Ho-Tep is fantastic.)
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Response by poster: thanks for all the recommendations - I will check these out.
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Shaolin Soccer is exactly what you're looking for if you liked Kung Fu Hustle. A groupe of Shaolin monk brothers play soccer with a final showdown against a team of genetically modified soccer beasts.
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