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Bollywood filter: I'm looking for a CD of "greatest hits" or classic songs from Bollywood films. Slightly complicating factor: I just want the instrumentals, no vocals.

My dad's birthday is coming up, and since he has wanted a CD of instrumental Bollywood greatest hits for a while and is otherwise impossible to shop for, I'm trying to find him some CDs that he'd like. I've found a couple of things that fit the bill on Amazon (like this), and some instrumental CDs for specific films, but wanted some recommendations as well.

As far as my dad's preferences go, any Bollywood soundtracks from the 1970s-1990s are what he especially likes, but more recent ones are fine too. If you have any recommendations for any especially awesome Bollywood best-of compilations with vocals too, I'll take those as well!
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I would drop David Boyk an email and see if he has any suggestions. His address is at the bottom of his page about Bollywood music.
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I like Brian Silas if you're looking for instrumentals with Piano. Or Master Ebrahim for a more clarinet based instrumental interpretation of old bollywood music.
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