Help me find the world's best banana nut bread
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I need to buy the world's best banana bread. I'm not looking for a recipe...I'm looking to have it mailed from a bakery to a friend. Where can I find this?

When I search google, I can only seem to find recipes.

The nurse who helped care for my father in his last days mentioned her favorite food is banana nut bread. I would like to send her a wonderful loaf as a thank-you gift. I live in Denver and have given up on trying to bake here because of how many cakes the altitude has already ruined.

I am not looking for a recipe. I am looking for a bakery that ships cakes and breads.

Where is the best banana nut bread in the world that can be shipped to rural Alabama?

Thank you very much for your help!
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You might want to try Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, MI- they have an extensive mail order service.
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I've never ordered from them, so I can't speak to the quality of their goods, but The Monkey Cage has some absolutely delicious looking banana breads.
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When I want to send baked goods to someone, I order from Etsy. This is possibly a weird thing to do but I have bought chocolates, cookies, baked bars, brownies and breads from a wide variety of sellers and my recipients have always been delighted. This one looks scrumptious and the seller will put whatever you want in it - walnuts, chips, whatever.

OK now I'm ordering one because that really does look good.
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Keep in mind that if there's a local baker to the helpful nurse, you can have a courier pick up the gift and deliver it.
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Was also coming in to say Zingerman's. Having grown up in Ann Arbor may make me biased, but it's one of the best bakeries anywhere, and if they make it, they ship it just about anywhere.
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Haven't tried any of these, but since freshness counts with banana bread, here are some bakeries in Alabama that seem to have the goods:
- Edgar's in Birmingham (listed under Desserts, Pound and Bundt Cakes as Banana Nut)
- Savage's in Homewood (does a Banana Nut Bread)
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Thanks everyone. Will let you know which I picked if I get good reviews from my nurse friend!
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