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What are some decent, semi-regularly updated blogs focusing on Mayan archaeology? How about regularly updated sites detailing current excavations and fieldwork? Any language will work, but English or Spanish would be a bonus...
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I don't research at all in the Maya world, but these are a few I've come across...

Lots of topics, sometimes on Maya theory: Publishing Archaeology

If you haven't seen them, the NYTimes hosted a whole series of posts on Ceibal through their Scientists at Work series:

From Belize:

Caracol has a great site, with different blogs:

Their Institute of Archaeology often features Maya discoveries, and while new, is updated semi-frequently:

Another list:

This is part of a travel series and it's on a limited time frame to 2012, but it's frequently updated and seems to be linking to useful publications and excavations:

Personal blog of a Maya researcher: with some serious calendar discussions
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Some friends used to run this site, which is why I know about it.
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