What does this Chalet key unlock?
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Can you help me figure out what this "Chalet" brand key is for? Googling leads only to beautiful homes in the mountains and I know it's not to one of those.

Other relevant info:
- I'm picky about what goes on my keychain so it's probably moderately important
- I know it's not to a P.O. Box or a car-top cargo box
- It doesn't fit any of the padlocks I use regularly, but I suppose it could be to an old one
- I haven't run across a lock to use it for in, oh, nine-twelve months
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It's look file cabinet-y to me. Or a desk drawer.
posted by SuperSquirrel at 11:00 AM on April 16, 2012

Chalet is apparently a line of padlocks manufactured by Chateau Products and used by self-storage companies.
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Chalet also is a line of trailer campers.
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