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What is the best call recorder for Skype for Windows Vista and Windows 7? Preferably free, but call quality is paramount (including having local side recorded on a separate channel from the remote side) and ease of use.

I am a Mac user but my friend uses a Windows Vista PC and needs a good Skype Call recorder. He has tried PowerGrammo (paid software) and it crashed constantly losing calls. He has tried VOIP Call Recording (free) but it records his local side the way the call host hears it, so if there is lag his LOCAL recording actually records the lag...very odd and frustrating.

He has tried using Audacity to record his local side but it is cumbersome and the advanced recording/mixer functions lead to bad recordings on his end

Looking for another solution that will record him locally but without any advanced mixer options and record better than VOIP Call Recording does.

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I set up a system with Supertintin and it seems to work pretty well. As you would expect, the local call quality is better than the remote. If you want to set up a system to record local and remote separately, you could try experimenting with Virtual Audio Cable, which creates a virtual patch bay where you can record anything incoming or outgoing as a separate stream.
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The best free option I found was the imaginatively-named MP3 Skype Recorder, but it does not record different parties in different channels, so it appears that he's going to have to pay for a solution.
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I have used Pamela with much success. The free option records for I think ten or fifteen minutes; the paid options are essentially unlimited.
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Call Graph is what I use.
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