I wanna watch roller skating movies!
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I found this video* on YouTube this morning. As you can see, it's composed of a bunch of clips from movies with rollerskating scenes. I can pick out Shall We Dance?, Rollerball, and The Big Store. What movies are the rest of these clips pulled from?

*Words to the song are innocuous, but do feature the word masturbate. Just a warning.
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There's Gene Kelly in It's Always Fair Weather
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I think the roller-skating ninjas are from the movie Ninja Thunderbolt.

I'm surprised there's nothing in there from Roll Bounce, which is actually a very good movie. Or Roller Boogie, which is actually a very bad movie.
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I'm disappointed that they didn't include any of this scene from Monster, with Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci.
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I was also expecting Roll Bounce, and Modern Times! But no.
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I was expecting Gene Kelly in Xanadu.
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Awesome answers, all. Personally, I'm surprised at the lack of the skating dude from The Warriors.
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This unit was hoping for clips from the anachronistic skating sequence in Heaven's Gate but kudos for the Rollerball.
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Also missing Skatetown USA which is understandable since it's not available on DVD. (that fact isn't understandable because it was Patrick Swayze's debut and it is AWESOME.)

Skateland features almost no fancy skating which is a real shame. That movie could have been saved by skating!

My guess is that the more modern artistic skating couple is not from a movie but from a competition.
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