How can I get a hold of a brand new Lead21 Phonics Companion or Practice Companion?
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Hello, How do I get a hold of a Lead21 Practice Companion or Phonics Companion for my 3rd grader?

My child will be in third grade next year and we want to work with her at home on her phonics and reading comprehension. Our school, in Iowa, does a reading program called Lead21 and the two workbooks they use are called Lead21 Practice Companion and Lead21 Phonics Companion.

My child has some mild ADD and it always helps to go over her school work many times over, so I thought it would be perfect to get the third grade workbooks and introduce her early to the concepts she will be learning.

But when I go on Amazon and ebay I can't seem to find the workbooks, plus I need them to be brand new with no writing in them.

The website for Lead21 that has the books is for teachers only. So I can't buy them there.

Do you guys have any ideas for me?

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Can you discuss this with your school? Maybe they will give you a copy of the books as part of your kid's IEP.
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When I was in college studying to be a teacher, our university library had many of the books from the elementary reading program. So you might try contacting the librarian at your local teacher's college. If they have it, you'd have to figure out a way to get access to it - does your state have a library sharing program?
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