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Recipe Filter: Culinary Rubiks Cube Solvers, Crockpot + Assorted Dietary Restrictions = Something something. Restrictions after the jump.

All right, some friends and I are doing an all day marathon with the five movies leading up to the Avengers next weekend.

Trying to feed everyone for at least 2 meals and the movie munchies might be a little more difficult.

I am trying to find a slowcooker/crockpot recipe that is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, AND low carb.

I'd prefer recipes you have actually tried, vs random recipe googlings, but I'll take anything. (I think we have all seen the really great looking recipe online and it came out like crap for everyone who made it.)

I'll be making some other snacks or sides, but having a few things going in the crock pots will really help feed this group.

Got a killer snack, side, or whatever that meets those requirements? Happy to hear them too.
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Kathy Hester is vegan (and thus, dairy free) and has a blog devoted to slow cooking. Here's a list of recipes on her site that are gluten free. I've made quite a few things from her published cookbook (The Vegan Slow Cooker) and the lady knows what she's doing.
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For munchies, how about gluten-free almond flour/cheese crackers? Can't speak to the low-carb point, though.

also, can i please come? SO FUN!
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Sounds like this a job for chili! This recipe for low carb chili from a gluten-free site is very similar to my recipe, but I would add a can or two of stewed tomatoes along with some tomato paste and I would cut up some (gluten-free) corn tortillas into tiny strips and let them dissolve in the chili as it cooks. The tortillas give the chili a great masa flavor and help thicken. I would also use stock (make sure it's gluten free though!) instead of water, but that's optional.

I'm assuming your requirements come from a variety of people, so you can put out the sides like cheese and sour cream for people who don't mind dairy.
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Gluten Free, Dairy Free, AND low carb

Brisket. Ribs. Pulled pork.

Basically, meat.
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Tart & tangy baked beans from moosewood is a 2.2 out of 3. Omit the optional cheese, obvs. Hearty, and the suggested sides can be easily made gluten and dairy free (mmmm cornbread). Not super low carb tho.

But if I'm reading your question right, gluten free, dairy free, low carb. Not necessarily vegetarian? I'd pop a succulently seasoned big ol' beef brisket (not corned) and half a bottle of beer into that bad boy, cook it until it falls apart, and set up a corn tortilla soft-taco bar with lots of shredded veges/cilantro/pico de gaillo for nomming. (No-carb-ers could wrap with lettuce leaves.)
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Korean-Style Short Ribs, which calls for stove-top, but could be done in a slow-cooker on high.
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Chicken Breasts and Salsa

cover chicken breasts with salsa slow cook and then separate with a fork.

Roll it up with lettuce- I put avocado in it which works really nicely but omit avocado if you are super low carb.
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See my profile for my recipe for roasted red pepper and smoked salmon soup, which I make in a crockpot.
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