Bluetooth no worky
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My new Motorola S9 HD bluetooth headphones are paired with my HP Elitebook 8440p laptop (Windows 7 32-bit) - yay! But no sound comes through. The laptop has A2DP technology, according to the downloadable manual. Both are "on" - headset & computer BT transmitter. Clues?
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You might go into the sound manager (speaker symbol in the system tray), select mixer then system sounds, and on the "playback" tab that lists available types of outputs (your bluetooth headphones should be one) and set that bluetooth option to default. Then the sound is enabled through the bluetooth headphones.

(This drove me a little batty until I figured it out - there may be another, easier way to get it working but this does the trick for me.)
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I—uh—don't want to be that guy but: Perhaps the sound is still on mute from before you got your spiffy new headphones?
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Response by poster: Burhanistan: thx; the bluetooth device isn't even listed there. That feeds into my belief that I'm missing an A2DP driver.

griselda: my mixer window is simpler; doesn't even tabs. But... if I click on the "Device" title, it takes me to the Hardware and Sound settings... see above paragraph. :\

ob1quixote: Heh. Already practiced up/down on volume. The headphones beep when they come on. And, I just tried the mute (call) button - doesn't seem to affect music play...

How do I know that? That brings me to: I realized that my (unlimited data plan) phone can access the same online media. As long as it's plugged in at work, I should be able to get what I want, even without getting this connection issue resolved. Yay!
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Best answer: Yeah, I looked at your screenshot - click on the System Sounds icon (this is not intuitive at all as the other icons don't seem to bring up menus, but whatever). That will bring up the tabbed menu I mentioned, then go to the Playback tab, etc.
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Response by poster: Thanks, griselda. Did that, and the headset isn't mentioned (Speakers, and 2 "Not plugged in" HDMI devices are listed).

FWIW, I unplugged the cord-headset, just to be sure that doesn't make a difference. Nothing, although the Speakers playback device finally shows response (volume bars).

Also, a few seconds after I power up the BT I get a "now paired" beep from the headset - yesterday I didn't understand that signal.

I think I'm missing a A2DP driver. HP's link to bluetooth drivers for this model is dead, unfortunately. Most driver-download sites want me to install an executable first... nooot comfortable with that!
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