Need a Japanese-speaking Dr. STAT
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Please help find a Japanese-speaking psychiatrist or psychologist near Sacramento.

Asking for a friend in crisis. He tried calling 211 but they sent him to a clinic with a five day wait for an evaluation. He speaks English reasonably well, but is becoming increasingly agitated by cultural and language barriers.

He is uninsured, but has access to money. I have advised him to go to an er for help, but he declined. I think the only thing left is for him to be able to talk to someone who knows "the system" and can communicate in Japanese.

Unfortunately, he has had some recent experience with the criminal justice system, but the agencies overseeing his case have not helped with referrals or employment support.

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Perhaps they could call Asian Community Mental Health Services? They're in the East Bay, not Sacramento, but they might have a lead on someone who could help or assist them in navigating the system from a short distance.
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Thank you! I was able to find APCC in Sacramento.
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