What is this gas grill fitting?
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What is this gas grill fitting? (the bright brass one at top with 3 orifices)

It is from a Weber gas grill that I believe is set up for Natural Gas. (don't be misled by the other fitting, which is a propane tank outlet) I was going to give the thing to a friend who has a NG outlet on his porch, but he says this won't fit. What have I got? Have called local grill dealers and talked to big box stores; they're all clueless.
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Hard to say without more photos. Is that attached to the NG hose? Doesn't look like something that's stock Weber (granted, I haven't built Webers in 12 years).
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It looks like one half of a NG quick-connect. It would be difficult to find a match, so I'd remove it and replace it with a new fitting (either QC or threaded) that meets factory specs.
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Response by poster: bfranklin, it's attached to the hose which leads into the grill. This appears to be the terminal end, i.e. there were no other pieces and parts supplied with the grill (as I got it) to connect up to or with. My natural presumption would be that this is the end to connect to the gas supply.

My friend who has the NG supply connector says for his gas line to deliver gas, there has to be a bar on the end - I'm visualizing something like this. As buggzzee has said, it does appear to be a TYPE of natural gas quick disconnect, but I can't figure out why it's non-standard. I guess removing and replacing the fitting would make sense, but I'm trying to figure out if it's some standard type, for example NG at a different pressure, or something like that. I kind of hate to change out connectors without knowing what I'm doing.
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I was going to say it looks like the innards of a valve, but the innards of a quick-connect seem more plausible. Perhaps the connection was taken apart for some reason?
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Honestly? I'd either a) call Weber, or b) go to your specialty local patio and grill store. The three ports don't look like any NG quick connect I've worked with, and I agree that arbitrarily changing fittings is not smart behavior.
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Response by poster: I've looked on the Weber web site and called their local dealer, along with some others. Everyone I've talked to and all the info I've looked at in those channels has been supremely unhelpful.

Thanks for the effort.
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Best answer: In that case, check the rest of the parts on the grill v the replacement numbers for that model. In particular, if your NG regulator and burner match the NG part numbers for weber, it's highly probable you can replace with a standard NG quick connect hose.
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