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What educational children's shows have an episode about the internet and or computers in general? Episode name or number a bonus!

I'm teaching some young children about the internet and computers, but our lab is small, so not everyone gets a computer at the same time. I'm last minute trying to think of any tv show I can pull up on my laptop that is mildly related and can keep the kids on topic instead of ending up in a wrestling match with each other while they are waiting for a turn on the PCs.

I'm thinking that Blue's Clues or Elmo's World or Barney or something would have at least a segment of one episode devoted to either the internet or computers. But my Google-fu is failing.

If you don't know any educational ones, then any clean, young child appropriate show will do in a pinch, suggest it all!

I have access to Netflix and Youtube or any links you share! :)
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It's from 1997, so the relevance to kids might be a bit spotty but Bill Nye the Science Guy S04E18.
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Each episode of "Elmo's World," a segment on Sesame Street, involves Elmo getting on his computer to check email.

In a broader sense, all episodes of "Dora the Explorer" are modeled on computer use - a cursor appears on screen, moves around and "clicks" things when Dora and the kids watching make a decision.
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I don't know how young your young kids are, but there's a whole series called Cyberchase that is built around the concept of computers, the internet, and hacking, although the actual educational content is more about using math skills. The final season aired in 2010, so it's not horribly out of date. My kids watched it in K-4 or so, though it's a little advanced for kindergarten/1st grade. If your bunch are still watching Barney or Blue's Clues, it may be too old for them.
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"Super Why" utilizes a computer each episode.
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There's a Sesame Street DVD called Computer Caper that is designed to teach preschoolers about computers.
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Sid the Science Kid... Science Kid...
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oh, if only I could find a link to that episode of 3-2-1 Contact where one of the girls was planning her quilt and used a computer to plot the blocks of color....
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Arthur breaks his mom's computer...and Part 2.
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Here's a YouTube link to the aforementioned "Computer Capers".
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Arthur, "Muffy And The Big Bad Blog".
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, this will last me a few weeks!
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