Name of show where a robot teaches science to British kids?
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Looking for the name of a science program we watched in class in elementary school. It was about British kids taught basic science lessons by a robot.

So this show was about an assortment of British kids (one was named Leah, but there were several others) all in a big house who were watched over by this Robot teacher/nanny thing. They'd have to insert a huge floppy disk into the robot to get their lessons, which were always scientific in nature. They may or may not have been sparked by one of the kids asking a question, at which point the robot would tell them which disk to insert.

We think the credits had a shot of spinning marbles and, as usual for science programs, a space shuttle taking off. And we also think the kids were a hodgepodge assortment of races. It was from the early 90s or the 80s, and the kids frequently wore clothing that even in the mid-to-late 90s I found to be in horrendous taste.

We would watch this periodically in grades 3-6, which gives you an idea of the complexity (or simplicity!) of the science lessons.
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Oooh, I remember this one! Not the name, though, unfortunately. I get the feeling that it was hyphenated, but that's all I can muster.
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I also know this show, but not the name! My grandparents gave me the boxed set (VHS tapes) as a gift in what I think was the early 90s. I watched the CRAP out of it, and can even remember the sound and visuals that went along with the kids inserting the huge disk into the robot (high-pitched "computery" bloops and bleeps, and lots of blinking squares). Everything else you described seems right to me, too.

The robot was seriously charming (and British). I keep thinking his name was Conrad--something like that, anyway. Maybe that'll help with the googling.

If nobody posts the answer soon, I'll call some siblings and do some investigating. The tapes may still be in my parents' basement.
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Whitney and the Robot?
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Response by poster: It wasn't Whitney and the Robots, though that show looks similarly awesome, haha.

And 1Up, we're definitely talking about the same show. Your recollection of the robot's name seems familiar. More ammo for google!

Thanks to everyone who has answered so far!
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I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. I really really want to say that it was called "Start Here". Or at least that phrase played into the theme song.

I distinctly remember one episode was about construction or design or summat and vivdly recall that the robot was very pleased at one of the kids' arch design ("You've got a proper arch there!").

I haven't been able to confirm that as that phrase is rather common...
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Yes, geckoinpdx! Success! Some cursory googling with that title brings me here: Start Here - Adventures in Science. I would have found it right away if that damn contrarian robot had spelled his name Conrad instead of Konrad.

Thank you for this AskMe question, distracts. My mind can finally rest.
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Sorry, make that Adventures Into Science.
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Response by poster: That's the show exactly! Thank you so much, guys. We've been searching for the name of this for YEARS with no luck.
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