Evening activities at Inner Harbor or Fells Point
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Things to do in the evening around Baltimore Harbor and Fells Point that aren't too raucous or super crowded?

Do not like Harborplace, Cheesecake Factory or Hard Rock Cafe-type places and am looking for more quiet venues and activities like dessert cafes, quiet pubs, etc. Although I imagine they are touristy, maybe a harbor cruise? Anything else? Romantic a plus.
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Best answer: Mrs S and I just did this a month or so ago on a long weekend. That area had the best food of the trip: we hit Max's Taphouse (great if you like beer), Thames Street Oyster House (crowded but good; we sat at the bar), and La Tavola (again, crowded and not quiet, in a nice traditional Italian way, but authentic and tasty), and the Heavy Seas Ale House (local beer and pub food, but we only got beer and dessert). She would be mad if I didn't mention that this gelato place was great as well.

It's touristy, but the Aquarium is fun, especially if you can catch it on a quiet night (we didn't, but still enjoyed it). I imagine that the dark halls with shark tanks would even be romantic without kids running up and down.

It's a touristy area, so I don't know that anything will be quiet. Your best bet is late on a weeknight, I would think.
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Best answer: There are a few really nice restaurants you might like:

In Fells Point: Meli, or Mezze are romantic spots.

In Harbor East (between inner harbor and Fells): Cinghiale is nice and gives you a choice of a more bistro or upscale seating.

The Water Taxi is one way to see the area around the Harbor and get between a few sites.

I'd also recommend the American Visionary Art Museum as a great stop. It's a bit of a hike from the Inner Harbor attractions, but totally worth it.

You're also striking distance from Little Italy there. I don't really have great recommendations for dinner, but Vaccaro's for dessert is great (get the cannoli)! A stroll around the neighborhood can be romantic.
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Best answer: One of the benefit of working in the fells point area is the cluster of cool little spots in a walking distance of one another.

Kali's Restaurant Group has four restaurants in the heart of fells point all in close proximity.

Meli - bistro & pastries with a jazz room.

Adela & Mezze feature tapas.

All of their restaurant feature Mediterranean inspired food and a solid wine list.


Alittle more on the crowded side but still highly recommended is Pazo

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Do you like scotch?

Do not miss out on Birds of a Feather!

The owner knows everything about every scotch she has and can tell you anything you want to know about it.

The numerous times we have been there, it has been a rather quiet enjoyable experience. I could sit there all day, drinking scotch or not!
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I'm a bit reluctant to give a full endorsement of this place because I've never been there, but the owner of my favorite restaurant in Baltimore, Cork's, closed his old place and opened The Waterfront Kitchen. I'd check out that place.

I also enjoy getting a beer and pizza at Pub Dog in Federal Hill.
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