What to do and how to get to Fells Point, Baltimore?
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My wife and I (mid 20s) will be heading to Baltimore tomorrow from Philly to enjoy the good weather, and get a change of scenery. We'll be driving in, and have got a hotel room as we quite enjoy the beer, and don't want to have to sober up and drive home (or pay $200 to take Amtrak home...) We've got daytime plans down, but I'd like to know more about nightlife.

So here's the daytime plans:
Aquarium, Quick Lunch at a market -- lexington?, paddle boats, then head up to Brewer's Art on the light rail, and avail ourselves of the happy hour there. After that, I'd like to head back to the hotel, clean up, and then what?

Our hotel is in the inner harbor, and I figure we could spend the evening munching dinner and drinking beers in Fells Point without it being a big hassle to get home. The sorts of bars I like in Philly are the Bard's, Eulogy, Monk's, Good Dog, Dock Street -- not so much interested in the fanciness, but the friendly atmosphere and GOOD beer.

So how do we get from inner harbor to Fells Point? It doesn't look all that far to walk, my wife and I regularly walk multiple miles. That said, we'll be walking around all day so I figured we could take the Water Taxi out, but how do we get back? I figure we'll wind down around 12:30 or 1am. What's the taxi situation like? Will a bar call a cab, or can we hail a ride?

What bars in Fells Point do you recommend? As I said above, we like good beer, friendly folks, we don't particularly care for snobby hipsters, but if the place is right, we'll deal.

So, MeFi Baltimoreans, please help us!
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Rather than Fell's Point, I'd say head up the Federal Hill and go to The Dog Pub for their beer and food. Perfect on a warm spring day. You can walk there easily from the Inner Harbor as well.
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Max's in Fells Point has a huge beer selection. There's also the There's also the Wharf Rat.

I'll also vouch for The Dog Pub.

You should be able to hail a cab in either neighborhood, but Federal Hill is a short walk from the Harbor.
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Do not miss Brewer's Art. If you like good beer, this is one of the better microbreweries on the east coast. It's a shortish walk up Charles St, but later at night I'd take a cab. If you like the back room at Monk's, this is the place for you.

If you are fixated on Fells point, Johns Stevens has good beer and food. But Brewer's art is a special place if you are a beer snob.
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Response by poster: thanks for the tips so far... we're not fixated on fells point, so if there is activity there, thats great.
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You can walk from the Harbor to Fell's Point, Federal Hill, probably to Mt. Vernon, and even Canton. All of these have assloads of drinking/live music establishments.

If you're non-white, however, all of the above will bore you to tears.

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Well, maybe a tiny bit.
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Huh? Since when do non-white people not like beer and music?
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Best answer: If you MUST go to Fell's Point (Just like South Street, but less scruffy...):

1) Take the Water Taxi from Fell's Point to Federal Hill.
2) Watch the sun set from atop the hill.
3) Head over to Charles Street to the Rope Walk Tavern for excellent beer and bar food.
4) Get some raw oysters and mingle with colorful locals at Cross Street market.
5) End up at Bicycle (the best restaurant in town) for dinner proper.

All of these Federal Hill places are within easy walking distance.
Call for a reservation for Bicycle TODAY, to be safe. Sittingf at the bar to eat is cool, too.
Take a cab back to wherever you're going. They're easy to call and reliable.

Other Thoughts:

1) Taxi from hotel to Brewer's Art. Make sure to go DOWNSTAIRS for atmospheric hipster goodness. Have a pint of Resurrection Ale (8%ABV--yummy, potent). Leave before it gets mobbed.
2) Take in a play at the Everyman Theatre. Consistently good work there. Walkable from Brewer's Art.
3) Afterwards, head down to Illusions Magic Bar and Lounge. Former magic shop with a liquor license. True Charm City fun.
4) Walk home.

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(forgot a step: taxi-cab from Everyman to Illusions. Fare will be about $6.00 USD.)
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(Avoid Lex Market---unless you like deep-fried everything. Have a lovely lunch at the American Visionary Art Museum's cafe-- great stuff-- and check out their collection of "outsider art" after...)
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I also vote for the Rope Walk, they have also opened up an irish pub that is nice. Mothers is a local favorite, as is Mad river. all three of these are within stumbling distance of each other

If you want a great meal in the cross street market, there is a local catering service called Dinner at your Door that has a stall in the market. the food is always fresh, the staff is a lot of fun, and i think for the money it's the best value in the market.

another one i love in that market is a barbacue joint called Smoke. food is heavenly, but seating is a small counter and couple stools behind the stall.

If you are looking for a nice lunch near the aquarium, check out a resturant called "the Peacock " it's located in the pier 5 hotel, has outdoor seating, and is pretty nice with great food
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seconding AVAM (American Visionary Art Museum), but Joy America the awesome cafe at the top is closed for renovations right now.
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Dang. Excellent food, careful service...
So many of the places around the Aquarium are horrible chains.
Phillips in the inner harbor is still family-owned, but kinda corporate...
Howzabout Kelly's Crabs, 2100 block of Eastern Ave., in Highlandtown?
Incredible she-crab soup and plentiful seafood. Local bar ambience. Friendly servers. Not sure what time they're open, but the phone # is (410) 327-2828.
5 minute taxi-ride from Inner Harbor...
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1. Ropewalk has a bronze statue of Ronald Reagan. So fuck those guys.

2. If you're going to Lexington Market (and you should), go to Faidley's in the back. Best crabcakes in Baltimore and a solid raw bar, if that's your thing.

3. Definitely check out the Wharf Rat in Fells Point. It's off the main drag so you don't get so many frat boys and the beer is brewed locally. They usually have cask ales on tap as well. Max's definitely has a larger selection, but the Wharf Rat wins on quality.

4. The Charles theatre for a movie and dinner/drinks before/after at Tapas Teatro, or drinking with hipsters at Club Charles.

5. Whatever you do, do not go to the Power Plant.

6. Peter's Inn is a great restaurant in Fells. Call first, though. They're a small place and pretty popular.

7. Brewer's has great food too.
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