Radio City MH Parking
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Driving into NYC to see a show at Radio City MH tonight from two hours upstate. What's the best way to park?

Presumably driving into and parking around Rockefeller Center would be a nightmare; some combination of parking garage fairly nearby and public transit?
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When I came in from NE PA to a show at Radio City my friend and I came through the Lincoln Tunnel and parked at Port Authority.
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I'm a fan of parking far away and taking MetroNorth in. Maybe that would work for you? If not, you'll probably want a parking garage far on the east side (to hopefully avoid midtown prices). Good luck!
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You can sometimes get good deals by booking in advance, online. Someplace like this.
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Its not really a nightmare - its just expensive. Most of those garages aren't full at night. It is probably easier to park on the far west-side and walk. Or east-side depending on where you are coming from. More garages on the west-side tho.
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I would park as far outside of the city as you can. We're expecting some nasty weather this afternoon, and you don't want to be driving around the city.
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Best answer: Is there any reason why you don't want to drive to some Metro-North hub a bit upstate and take the train the rest of the way? That'd probably be your easiest bet - you can park in the parking lot at the station, there probably wouldn't be any parking charges, and the lot would be secure.

Glenwood is close enough to the city that it'd only be a half-hour train in, but far enough away that there'd be a lot at the station.
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Also, a round-trip off-peak ticket from Glenwood to Grand Central & Back is only $14 per person, which would be much cheaper than parking in a garage in the city.
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The guy asked about parking. Stop telling him to take MNRR. Its actually a pretty big hassle if you don't live in the burbs already. Also assuming its two of them $28 is probably a bit more than it would cost them to park right by RC.
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Also assuming its two of them $28 is probably a bit more than it would cost them to park right by RC.

Erm, I work across the street from RC, and 68% of my job involves filing expense reports for executives who park by RC now and then for client events. It usually costs them $48-60.

And parking in a garage is the only option right nearby because there ain't NO parking on the streets.

There's a REASON we're all suggesting parking outside the city and taking a commuter train.
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Nthing Metro North. Convenience plus ability to consume alcohol.
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EmpressCallipygos: "It usually costs them $48-60"

From my link, parking on 55th St between 5th and 6th ave (which is a measly 5 blocks north of RCMH, so a five minute walk) is priced as follows:
6hrs: $ 16
12hrs: $ 26
24hrs: $ 31
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Grither, I don't know what to tell you - I just filed one of those reports not five minutes ago, and the parking charges were $45. Company protocol prevents me from reproducing the receipt.

And anyway, the OP also asked whether "some combination of parking garage and public transit" could also work, so it seems he's amenable to the idea anyway.
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Also, don't forget to add in cost of gas and tolls when comparing MNR to driving in and parking.
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Empress: Right, and I'm just pointing out alternatives. Companies tend to overpay for a lot of things. I'm not the guy who said MNRR was a bad choice, just pointing out that it is possible to find decent parking rates in the city.

Of course, it's not just parking, but gas, tolls, chances of getting in an accident, etc. when you drive. Weighed against the inconvenience of having to stick to a train schedule, getting to/from train station to RCMH. All things that need to be considered.

I think all the above answers are good, and will give the OP all the info he needs to make an informed decision! Of course, living here I'd much rather he take MNRR or similar, because there are way too many cars in the city already. :-)
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Best answer: Check out PrimoSpot.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much, everyone! I can see the advantage of MetroNorth, but for convenience's sake at 1AM I'll end up paying for a garage (PrimoSpot was helpful).
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What Grither said ( but print out their coupon, you have to use a credit or debit card. We do this when we see matinee shows; cost $16.
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