Help me liberate myPhone
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Now that AT&T is unlocking iPhones under limited circumstances, I'd like to know if anyone has any foolproof ways to do an end run around their restrictions in order to unlock my under-contract iPhone 4S.

I know they unlock some iPhone 4S devices that are under contract (see here for an example). So, if there are other criteria that I might actually meet, or plausibly pretend to meet, that'd be excellent.

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Your options as I see them:

1) Pay the early termination fee and then you're out of contract and Apple can push the unlock code.

2) Hack the phone to unlock it.

3) Join the military and get deployed overseas.
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Would be a dick move to impersonate an active duty military member, for obvious reasons. There's nothing else you could plausibly fake(not that I'm suggesting it'd be easy to fake being in the military), because AT&T sure as hell knows whether your phone is under contract.

If you got your 4S at launch, your ETF may be low enough by now that paying it and then selling your 4S unlocked would net you a profit.
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