Help my husband and I deal with a nasty divorce settlement issue.
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Need a top-notch Seattle area divorce attorney recommendation for handling a post-divorce settlement dispute. Bonus points if the attorney accepts Microsoft employee legal insurance (ARAG).

My husband was divorced two years ago with the help of a divorce attorney he acquired through the ARAG legal insurance program that his employer offers. He agreed to a settlement in which he would pay a certain amount of alimony after the divorce was final, a dollar amount which we thought had been met 8 months ago. There is now an issue with part of the settlement and his ex is threatening to take him to court over it. Unfortunately, my husband's divorce attorney no longer participants in ARAG, his legal fees are a little steep and we don't feel like he's being particularly thoughtful about the messy details of the situation.

We would like to get a second opinion from another attorney. It would be great if they accepted ARAG, but at this point we really just want someone who will be responsive, thorough, and up to the task of dealing with the ex's pitbull attorney.

I saw this post from a while ago, but a majority of the attorney recommendations and links are dead, out of date or not particularly confidence-inspiring. I don't just want a list of "good" attorneys according to some city paper; I want a recommendation for freaking GREAT attorneys that others have personally used for nasty divorce disputes.

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I don't know if you also work at MS, but there are a number of internal email groups that would probably give good answers to this, especially with the ARAG requirement - I'd start by emailing 'divorce'.
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I sent you MeMail with some info about my lawyer.
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Contact the company that runs the legal insurance. Usually, the attorneys are on a panel controlled by the insurance provider.
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Hi joan_holloway, my name is Angie Ballantine and I’m the Director of Customer Care at ARAG. If you’d like to give us a call regarding your specific plan or any of the attorneys on our network, feel free to contact me directly by calling 1-800-247-4184 and asking for Angie.
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