Cool luxury-ish hotel in Los Angeles?
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The best splurgey place to stay in Los Angeles for a long girls weekend in June?

My friend and I are meeting in Los Angeles for a girls long weekend in early June. We are willing to splurge a bit and tend to like hipster fancy rather than old school fancy. We are no longer young, though, so cutting edge hipster with a 24 hour party scene is not necessary. We figure since LA is sprawling, particular neighborhood doesn't probably matter much (correct me if I'm wrong there) but we do really want a nice pool area to lounge. Feel free to give me your recommendations for meals not to be missed and things to do a tourist is unlikely to discover if you're so inclined. Especially interested in destination neighborhoods where we could wander and shop/eat.
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I really enjoyed the Avalon when I stayed there about five years ago. There is a party scene though, so if that bothers you ask to be put in a room that doesn't overlook the pool.
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The hyatt luxury chain hotel on sunset strip.
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if you plan to be in burbank, go to the studios, or talk shows then this is a great place to stay...
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I didn't go out to the pool, but The Sunset Tower was really fun to stay in. Cool rooms and decor, incredible views of Los Angeles, and super fine dining. That's smack on the Sunset Strip, epicenter of destination neighborhoods in LA, taxi distance to Melrose district, West Hollywood, Robertson Blvd, and Beverly Hills. Splurge away!
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Standard West Hollywood -- I really enjoyed it.
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Not LA proper, but Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica. Doesn't have a happening pool scene but as the name implies it is right on the beach.
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There's more hipster fancy is East from you, of course. Hillhurst St. is pretty cool (that's hipster for necessary, you know), Sunset Junction, and Echo Park. Get on the Red Line and before you know it you're Downtown (get chicken pot pie at The Wood Spoon or the broccoli at The Gorbals), or in Chinatown.
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The Avalon is nice but it's in BevHills, so it's not really Hipster Environs. Personally, if you're going to hipster splurge, why not really do it up and go to The Chateau Marmont? The pool is great, and you're right on Sunset, so you'll be pretty central to get over to Los Feliz, or down to Beverly/Melrose, etc (although you will need a car wherever you stay). The bar is also fun.

I haven't found it to be too 24 Hour Party-y, in part, I suspect, because it's kind of expensive. It's so deliciously Old School LA, though.
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The Redbury in west Hollywood is brilliant, I stayed there in one of the pricier rooms and will definitely be back.

I also stayed at the Grafton, in west Hollywood and this place was quite good, still recommend the Redbury foremost.
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Seconding Shutters on the Beach as the most luxurious choice, if you can accept the Pacific instead of a pool.

Otherwise, definitely Chateau Marmont.
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I totally spaced on Chateau Marmont as a place to stay. Investigating... Thanks everyone for the great tips.
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Destination neighborhoods to shop/eat: Abbot Kinney (which is a street) would probably be a lot of fun for you. Do you like fancy malls and people watching? If so, check out the Grove (or the Beverly Center).

Go get gelato at Pazzo Gelato in Silverlake. There is some wandering around/shopping to be had, though not a ton.

There are lots of past threads on non-touristy fun hidden things to do in LA - search if you haven't yet.
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Shutters (mentioned above) is a good option. Also The Shore Hotel: excellent location, pool, and beach.

I would say that The Shore trends a little more toward new-school hip than old-school swank (also, it was just recently finished, so there is a "new" sheen to it). Shutters is a little more "mature" in its ambiance.

Also, while I am in the business of discussing the swank hotels in Santa Monica, I should mention The Viceroy... pool and trendy swank.

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+1 for the Viceroy. Chi-chi, relaxing, luxurious, well-appointed. I enjoyed the hell out of my stay there.
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I stayed in the Hotel Amarano back when it was the Graciela, and it was deluxe-ish (a good thing in my book). Very comfy beds, a chef who made omelettes to order. Not too expensive.

I assume they've carried the good qualities over under the new management.
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One thing to note about Shutters, and other beachside hotels: June weather can be cool and gloomy by the shore in L.A. Sometimes the June Gloom burns off in the afternoon; sometimes you'll get lucky and have sun all day; it varies.

Having said that, if you are inclined toward the beach, the Hotel Erwin in Venice might do. Their rooftop bar/lounge is great. And you'd be in walking distance of Abbot Kinney, which has some of L.A.'s best eats (Gjelina; The Tasting Kitchen; Joe's; Hal's; and more), cute and quirky boutiques, coffeeshops, etc.

They're doing some remodeling; not sure how that would impact you.
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