Identify this theme from the new Upstairs, Downstairs series?
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The new Upstairs, Downstairs series on BBC uses a particular piece of theme music composed by Carl Davis. The theme sounds like it's based on a traditional English folk ballad, like something Vaughan Williams might have rearranged. Of course, it could be an original composition, but if it's based on an existing work I would love to know. Here is a snatch (MP3 format) from a scene in season 2 episode 4.
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Says here it's an original score, "occasionally inter-weaving within it elements from Alexander Faris’ popular theme for the original series (of which he has also created a new arrangement)."
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Yes, it's an original score by Carl Davis. There are many different themes used throughout (including Faris' original theme, of course), and I am asking about one in particular.
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It kind of sounds like "Danny Boy" to me... which is Irish, of course, but maybe that's what you're thinking of? It does have that nagging familiarity to me, too.
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The tune of Danny Boy is Londondarry Air, which does sound a bit similar. But it's not the same melody.
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Alexander Faris' score was original, and FWIW I just double-checked that with my mother who knew him.
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So, I got in touch with Carl Davis via Twitter. Here's the reply:

"Hi there, Carl confirms that it is his original composition that is now titled "The 165 Theme". Many thanks!"
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Excellent work!
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