Bridemaid Dress Alterations on the North Shore
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Where in the North Shore area of Mass should I have a bridesmaid's dress altered? Difficulty: I am nursing still and need the dress to allow, ahem, access for my daughter.

So what particular alterations should I be asking for? This is the dress.

Dress will be coming at the end of May or the beginning of June. The wedding is in July.
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I'd have a placket inset from the middle of the neckline to the waistband. The placket could be covered, with hook and eye closures underneath in order to open the dress. If you need support, you could have cups put into the bodice as well. If it's okay for the dress to be a bit different, the placket could be further disguised with a row of small covered or rhinestone false buttons. You'd need the exact fabric--could you order the dress extra long and have the dressmaker cut it off from the hem? Otherwise, you'd need the same fabric, dyed to match. Alternately, you could have the straps split at the shoulder and have those attach with hook and eye--to nurse, you'd unhook the straps and pull one whole side of the bodice down (this would be trickier to rehook and less modest than a dress that opened in front like a shirt, but cheaper).
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I would have the seamstress detach the straps from the bodice and then put on snaps or hooks and eyes. I have a nursing dress that works like that and it is pretty awesome. Depending on your personal modesty levels, you might want to bring a shawl or something, since it's kind of "Hey! A boob!" but it's so much easier to use than a system of flaps and levers.
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I totally agree that detaching and then reattaching the straps with some kind of fastener is the way to go. It'll be easier and less expensive than trying to remake the whole bodice.
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Not on the North Shore, but Manhattan Bridals in Dedham is awesome. My wedding dress was there and Juliette was amazing as a seamstress!
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