Help me find a tattoo artist
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I remember pouring though the online portfolio of a tattoo artist in the late 90s or early 00s but can't remember his name. I'd like to find him, or someone who does similar work.

I believe he was located in Canada; he did custom, one-off tattoos only — never flash. His work focused, in a way, on the mechanics of the body. Pieces were often centered around a joint. For instance, I remember a piece with a circular design on the top of the shoulder and then countoured rectangles radiating out from it, down the arm and across the back. His work was usually mostly single color or a very small palette, and frequently had a somewhat industrial feel to it, but not overtly or exclusively.

Do you know who this was? Does he still have an online portfolio? Does he still design tattoos?

If not, do you know of any tattoo artists who do similar work, particularly the attention to how bodies move? Bonus points if you know someone in Atlanta or Portland.
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Best answer: That sounds like Daemon at Toronto's Urban Primitive. He is still around, outside of Toronto now.
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Guy Aitchison pays a lot of attention to organic forms and how tattoo placement works with your body. I don't think that he's ever worked in Canada, though.
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Response by poster: I think Urban Primitive is what I was thinking of, but it sure morphed in my head over the years! Now that I'm looking at the photos, they seem familiar, but I remembered it being less tribal and more spare. I do love the way his tattoos fade off at the edges, and the way he uses dots. The "energy wave" style is the closest to what I was apparently imagining.

Any more suggestions for somewhat similar artists, especially toward the more minimal side.
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Are you sure it isn't Yann Black? That's a link to an interview with some photos; here is his website; Google Images has lots of his work, too. (NSFW images at both links, fyi)
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