unidentified bite/sore
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bug bite or worse?

Asking for gf: for about three days she has what to all appearances looks like a nasty mosquito bite on the end of her elbow. It doesn't itch but it is very painful - both the the touch (ie clothing hurts) and when she moves her elbow. It's somewhat warm to the touch.There's also an area about 6 inches or so around the "bite" that is quite red. There seems to be a little bit of swelling. She has seen some things online that suggest it might be a staph infection. Thing is, she otherwise feels absolutely fine. Of course we'll get her to a doctor as soon as we can, but in the meantime any advice y'all can provide would be most appreciated.
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Sounds like staph. Don't wait - it will only get worse (I speak from experience). If possible, go to an urgent care place or the emergency room. Don't mess with this.
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There's also an area about 6 inches or so around the "bite" that is quite red.

This is strongly suggestive of staph and this level of inflammation cannot wait. Get on this immediately with the ER or urgent care.
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Huh. I'm shocked the first post wasn't about a spider bite. Yeah, it's probably staph, which is what most people assume is a spider bite. Most people get over it fine and have no problems, but if there's a lot of swelling or pain, you probably want to get it checked out.
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There's other things it could be -- and even if it's "only" a bug bite, it could be a fun bug like a deer tick that carries Lymes. Dr ASAP.
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Six inches? I'd go to a clinic or emergency room. At the very least, call the doctor's office immediately. Even after-hours, they'll have a nurse who can offer some informed advice.
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The end.
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Response by poster: thanks everyone. the staph-ers have it. she's on antibiotics.
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