Need bluetooth form-fitting earbuds to wear while mowing.
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Looking for molded/custom bluetooth capable earbuds to use for music listening while operating my tractor...

It's mowing season, and right now I am using standard Apple ear-buds to listen to music and pass the time. I wear standard high-quality foam cans over those for noise protection and get pretty good results, but the earbuds get pretty uncomfortable after awhile from being compressed and the wire connection occasionally gets pulled free from my iPod.

What I would really like is a wireless, seamless fitting set of earbuds that operate via bluetooth that would also cancel ambient noise so I could listen to music at a lower volume and still get noise protection, and not have the pain in my ear canals after three hours of usage.

Any suggestions appreciated. Cost would not be a big issue if it solved my problem since I expect it would be something I would use for 10-plus years.
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I might suggest looking for aviation bluetooth headphones. Noise canceling protection plus Bluetooth might work.
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I've bought and returned numerous bluetooth headphones; they all suffered from signal dropout even with the phone in my back pocket. Maybe some of the more expensive ones are better but the reviews I've read don't lead me to think so.

You might just try buying some full cans with noise isolation. Get them somewhere like Best Buy where you can return them if they're not up to snuff.

If I was using the mower for 3 hours rather than 30 minutes I think I would just modify a comfortable set of noise protectors. Find some you find comfortable and snap the ear pieces off some cheap over-ear headphones. Glue them in the recess and Bob's your uncle. While they lack the immediate solution and elegance I personally wouldn't want to be working in the elements with a $100+ set of headphones, particularly the way I sweat.
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I use Sony MW-600 on a daily basis and have never had any problem with cut-outs and the like. It also has an FM tuner which I find more useful than I would have expected.

The buds that come supplied are awful, but the Bluetooth end has a standard 3.5mm jack so you can use whatever buds you prefer.
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Peltor makes a bluetooth enabled, noise reducing earmuff. Botach has them at a price that may be too good to be true.
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