How do I get peds to stay on my feet?
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What type of peds don't slip off your feet?

I got these cute Danskos last week and they are super comfy. However, my feet are sticking to the insides and I hate the feeling of sweaty feet on rubbery insoles. I've tried different brands of those low cut peds (I don't want the peds to show and look like I'm wearing socks), but they invariably fall off my heel and get all bunched up in the shoe. I don't know if this is a common problem, or if it's because my feet are wide. The peds never seem to fit - they don't grab the sides of my feet and they are stretched so tightly that they almost immediately come off. What gives? I've gotten the biggest size available. Is there anything else that works?
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Put This On had a post about going sockless that recommended terrycloth insoles. Never tried it myself, but it might be worth a try.
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It is going to be quite difficult to find anything that won't show a little bit of material and as you are finding, the less material there is in general the more likely they are to come off, too. But you could colour co-ordinate - i.e. buy black ones for the black shoes - making any material that does show much less noticeable...
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I have yet to find a pair that will not slip off my feet. I've hit the usual target, walmart, etc places. I think it's just the nature of them.
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I got these recently, and they have a little sticky gel thing on the heel side that helps them stay on. They seem pretty ok so far.
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There isn't anything that will both stay and not show. I use a generous sprinkle of baby powder. The terrycloth insoles seem like a good idea too.
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As a mad lover of Dansko style shoes I've discovered if you are going with short pants or skirt an innersole is the best way to handle the rubbery feeling, I cannot find any sort of peds that will work. You can get very very short sports socks which might work. If you are going with long pants I like to go with brightly coloured knee socks in contrasting colours (this could also work with short pants if you are young enough).
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Huh, I always wear those ped things with my danskos and they never slip off my feet or show. I get mine from Marshall's and they have a non-skid thing going on with the heel, maybe you should look for that. Also I buy a smaller size than normal so that they don't slip off.

Also I feel you on not wanting to go barefoot in danskos. Those things get straight up slimy and disgusting without socks.
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I've had good luck with Summer Soles. They stick-on and are made (at least partly from) merino wool, which works surprisingly well.
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I'll second the Hue brand, they have a bit of rubber at the heel. I have a pair and don't give them any thought while I'm wearing them.
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I don't wear peds myself, but I work in a store where we sell them and many people love the ones by Smartwool, which come in small, med and large. Ozone makes some that seem like they would stay on well also.

If the insoles of the shoes are removable, the best thing to do is to take them out and put the ped (it will need to be on the bigger/looser side) over the insole itself, so that the bottom of the ped covers the insole where your foot rests and the opening of the ped is under the insole when you have put it back in your shoe. This way, it will never show and your feet rest on a comfortable material that can be washed. Of course, this only works in some shoes. Good luck!
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