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Looking for an animated gif involving two people talking about God and the Bible.

From what I remember, the gif was composed of a photo of two guys standing at the front door of a house. The text would appear somewhere in the gif, and it detailed a short discussion between the two about how the Bible is the word of God. The text would essentially loop, so there was no real beginning or end to the conversation. There was an obvious skeptical tone to the gif.

I tried googling all sorts of terms and can't find it. Thanks guys!
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This sounds like it might have come from a satirical short film I saw once. The two guys at the door came and were talking to the resident about being a friend of [Tom/Steve/Dave/common name] and "wouldn't YOU like to be a friend of [T/S/D/cn]?". Something about his "diary" being 100% true because the diary said it was true, etc. Google Fu is failing to turn anything up but I am almost positive that I learned about it from the blue. This would have been about 5-6 years ago? Ring any bells for anyone else?
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JJtheJetPlane, you're thinking of "Kissing Hank's Ass," a semi-famous bit of rhetoric. I just found there's a video, too.

I don't what what extramundane is referring to though. It sounds like it would show up on reddit eventually.
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