It's a slog to vlog
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I am looking for a tutorial for video blogging. Old questions are old and I'm sure there is new software out there by now. Advice/experience?

I am looking for a tutorial on video blogging or specific advice about setups and software to use that can minimize editing - also, any advice about setups, lighting, backgrounds, and sound. To be used on a Mac with a webcam. Please help!
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Well, some low-tech advice to minimize editing: practice practice practice out loud before recording. Get the feel of the words in your mouth before pressing record will cut down on editing. When you do flub something enough to want to get rid of it in post, make some easily spottable cue (wave over the camera, hold up a colored card, etc.) so that it's easy to spot in your footage.

As for software, how much do you want to spend? How fancy does your vlog have to be (do you need titles, an audio track, transitions, etc.)?
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Response by poster: We do want to insert slides, but can do without any other bells and whistles. This is for a friend so I'm not sure what the budget is, but if the result is going to be significantly easier, probably up to a couple hundred dollars.
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