Standards that cover rust maintenance and management
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Are there any standards (OSHA, ANSI, IMC, or NEC come to mind) that govern an employers responsibility to ensure that rust in old building structures do not create a hazardous work environment?

There was an issue where an old electrical conduit fastener/clamp became rusted out and fell. Nobody was hurt, but someone could have been. I'm looking for specifics on "code" or "standard" requirements of an employer to ensure this doesn't happen again (i.e., rust management program requirements or suitability of fasteners and clamps).

I've looked through the OSHA material for Industrial Work Sites and couldn't find anything specific. Maybe some language that is in there may be more generalized and might apply? I've also looked through Article 358 on Electrical Metallic Tubing (conduit) which covers installation requirements, but I can't find any maintenance requirements.

I'm not looking to blow the whistle here. Just looking to see what specific work place safety standards apply for this situation.

Thanks for your input.
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Where are you? This matters a fair bit.
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@bonehead - Louisiana, USA. Thanks.
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Something like this?


Deteriorating agents. Unless identified for use in the operating environment, no conductors or equipment shall be located in damp or wet locations; where exposed to gases, fumes, vapors, liquids, or other agents that have a deteriorating effect on the conductors or equipment; or where exposed to excessive temperatures.

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Actually there are a bunch that are covered here that might apply.

There shall be no damaged parts that may adversely affect safe operation or mechanical strength of the equipment, such as parts that are broken, bent, cut, or deteriorated by corrosion, chemical action, or overheating.

Electric equipment shall be firmly secured to the surface on which it is mounted.

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Last one and I'll stop, but you might want to think of this as more of a loss of integrity of a device due to the environment and/or lack of maintenance. Rust isn't really hazardous (within limits of course).
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Thanks Big_B!
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