So Betty and HP go on an adventure
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Trying to remember a novel I read that sort of had Betty Page and HP Lovecraft in it

A few years ago I borrowed a book from the library that had three main (possibly point of view) characters - a model / aspiring actress that was basically Betty Page (without using her name), a pulp horror / science-fiction writer who I seem to remember being slightly similar to HP Lovecraft and a youngish gangster-like character (if that was based on somebody famous I didn't recognise them). Plot-wise I can only remember the gangster and non-Betty eventually had some sort of romance - yes there were a couple of 'physical' scenes involving bondage but they weren't very graphic. It was a paperback with a purpleish plain cover with a little icon of the Betty Page character I had to keep my thumb over when I read in on the train/bus if that helps. Ring any bells?
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The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril?
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was it about other pulp authors as well, like Lester Dent, where they were characters in the story? my first thought was the The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril as well.
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Pulptime? The Arcanum?

Here's an article on Lovecraft's fictional appearances
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No, it's none of those... I remember Chinatown etc coming out and I think I read it well before that. None of the 'famous people' were mentioned by name, in fact they had different names but it was obvious who they were based on (well the Betty Page one.... unless there a lot of innocent at heart borderline fetish models knocking about.. the 'lovecraft' one was more 'generic pulp writer'). And there were no genre elements, seem to remember it was more a knock-a-bout literary crime caper in style. But thanks for trying anyway.
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I thought it might be a Robert Bloch story, but nope, coming up with nothing there.
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The Last Hot Time by John M. Ford? The main character works as a driver for gangsters, and there's a big deal about non-explicit allusions to BDSM-ish sex with his attractive gangster-moll eventual-girlfriend. I can't remember if he was a writer, though.
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Something from Phillip Jose Farmer?
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