Baby needs a new pair of boots...
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Need men's leather dress boots that can stand up to actual work.

My boyfriend works a very physically active job... and it requires him to wear a suit. He needs suitable boots, but he's very particular. His leather Ecco boots are falling apart after a few years. He hates the new Gore-Tex version and actually sent them back (sweaty feet and crummy, fake materials). He likes the style very much. Any suggestions?
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Red Wings. They last forever and are really comfrotable.
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Also came in here to say red wings.
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Frye is one of the standard answers for durable boots. The James Lace-Up is dressy enough to go with a suit as long as you keep them polished.
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Blundstones might work for him. Their chisel toe boot is probably the dressiest of the lot. I love mine. They're unbelievably comfortable and look good whether I'm in a meeting with clients or out tromping around on a job site.
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I have owned several pairs of the classic blundstone.
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Came to say blundstone
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I'd go with Redwing. Frye is good too.
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If Blundstones or Redwings are a bit too casual (the oiled leather doesn't take a shine very well, for example, so I wouldn't wear them with a suit), check out RM Williams. Lots of discussion here.

Many of their boots can be made-to-order, so you can choose details like the type of toe, the leather, and the type of sole to fit whatever spectrum on the dressiness-to-workboot scale you're looking for.
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Frye. I have two pairs and love them both.
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I have these boots from Chippewa and like them a lot. They don't take a lot of a shine but the leather looks nice. I've had them for 6 months, wore them every other day this winter, and they look good. The American flag thing on the lace by the toe comes off, in case that would bother him. They also appear to come in a steel-toed version if that's important.

The only other thing I'd add about these boots is that they don't have a ton of finish on them so I'd hit them with some mink oil if they're going to be getting wet.
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+1 for RM Williams. Amazing. I have a pair of standard turnouts, and they're holding up VERY well so far after 3 years of frequent wear. Just resoled them for the first time a couple months ago. If my bank account was limitless, I'd own a great many pairs.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! Sounds like RM Williams may be the way to go.
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N'thing blundstones or redwings. I own both.
The blundstones are dressier, they last pretty well but eventually the elastic wears out, the leather bits last forever and you can polish them up to a pretty high shine. They are available in steel toe or not.

I am currently wearing a pair of Redwings, they are a bit less dressy than the blundstones but they are completely bulletproof and you can get them in a very 1900's style full grain leather boot with no lining which I like. My last pair (which I still have, just relegated for shop duty) have held up for 4 years of abuse, everything from welding slag to molten bronze has been dropped on them and they are still holding up great. Got some stitching going on one heel, but I just have to get off my butt and send it in to get re-sewn for free (lifetime warranty). Oh, and man are they comfy.
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Redwings are heavy. Blundstones are not nearly as good as they used to be; I only get two seasons out of them now. I'd recommend Pikolinos if you can find them. They're very light, but also tough.
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Why does he need boots? A little more info would be helpful. Does he need flexible boots, does he log a lot of steps or just get in and out of a vehicle? Is this for outdoor use? Would steel toes be a bonus?

No love for Dr. Martens? Their Gilberto is dressy and fairly similar in style to the Ecco's you linked to.
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